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Wing Course

Wing course price:
1 student: $700/1hour
2 students: $500/1hour for each person 
3 or more students : $400/1hour for each person 

First lesson better to be 2 hours, as we have theory session on beach first and then proceed to water practice. 
And we will try to teach all the basic skills in 2 hours. However, it will also depend on the wind strength, water condition, personal fitness, balance and understanding of sailing theory too. 
So you can consider to try on your own after your first lesson or keep attending more sessions until you feel confident. 

Terms and Conditions

• Please visit our Water Sports Activities - User’s Guide Page



You can secure your place at Hiwindlover by pre-paying, using one of the following methods:

• Cheque drawn on a HK bank account in HKD

• Bank transfer to Hi Wind Lover Water Sport Centre Ltd. in HKD

• Credit Card payment in HKD 

To find out more about any of these options, please get in contact with us.


Pre-Paying Terms And Conditions 

• All services will be delivered by Hiwindlover

• Cover for damage to our equipment is not included in the advertised prices.

• If you choose to pay with a credit card your booking will be subject to 3% surcharge. We accept Visa and Mastercard.


If you choose to pay by a cheque in HKD drawn on a HK bank account or you transfer HKD to Hi Wind Lover Water Sport Centre Ltd. bank account you will not be subject to a surcharge.