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Windsurfing Courses


Course for all level:

1 student: $700/1 hour

2 students: $400/1 hour for each person 

3 or more students : $300/1 hour for each person 



Elite Tuition: $1000/1hr each person 


*Students should be age 6 or up, able to swim with clothes for at least 50 metres / proficient in swimming,  and do not suffer from any illness that renders the students unfit for the above-mentioned activity.


*All courses are on booking only


Beginner Course

For beginners, we start with a dry land simulator, where basics can be taught and demonstrated, but don’t worry – you’ll soon be on the water and speeding along, taking in the breathtaking views of Stanley Bay.


Smaller or inflatable sails and large stable boards are used to help you learn this exhilarating sport quickly, easily, and, safely. The sails/rigs are very light and easy to handle.


Each course will have a maximum of 5participants per instructor and Hiwindlover reserve the right to postpone the course to account for conditions.



To find out more about a course and when one is running, or discuss which is appropriate for you, please get in contact with us.



Private Tuition

Every now and then every windsurfer finds their progression in the sport slows, getting stuck on a particular manoeuvre, transition or technique hurdle. Our private tuition is just the catalyst to re-ignite your learning curve again, and help you achieve your goal.


Provided on a one-to-one basis, by one of our staff members, they can be tailored to fit your requirements. Please note, these prices do not include kit hire.



To discuss your goals, and arrange a date and time which best suits you, please get in contact with us.


Terms and Conditions

• Please visit our Water Sports Activities - User’s Guide Page

• For intermediates and above is recommended that you bring your own wetsuit as well as harness.



You can secure your place at Hiwindlover by pre-paying, using one of the following methods:

• Cheque drawn on a HK bank account in HKD

• Bank transfer to Hi Wind Lover Water Sport Centre Ltd. in HKD

• Credit Card payment in HKD (subject to 3% surcharge)

To find out more about any of these options, please get in contact with us.


Pre-Paying Terms And Conditions

• All services will be delivered by Hiwindlover

• Cover for damage to our equipment is not included in the advertised prices.

• If you choose to pay with a credit card your booking will be subject to 3% surcharge. We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

• If you choose to pay by a cheque in HKD drawn on a HK bank account or you transfer HKD to Hi Wind Lover Water Sport Centre Ltd. bank account you will not be subject to a surcharge.


Experiential Education

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